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With no MOQ, an accomplished R&D group, total product offerings, and unrivaled responsiveness, Dailymag is presently the top-volume Chinese wellspring of permanent magnets, magnetic tools, linear actuators with sharps containers on their way to that status too.


What Is The Difference Between A Padel Ball VS Tennis Ball?

Tennis balls and padel balls effectively differ only in terms of their internal pressure when new. That being 14psi for new tennis balls versus 11psi for new padel balls. They are made from the same materials, in the same ratio, by the same manufacturers. 1. More Similarities Than Differences. 2. Diameter Difference. 3. Weight Difference. 4. Internal Pressure Difference. 5. Bounce Height Test Difference.


Professional Magnets & Magnetic Tools and Sharps Containers Manufacturer

14 Years of Import and Export Experience

Established in 2007, Gravim with the commitment of providing customers with high quality products. Our lines of business now cover all kinds of sports ball, toy ball, pet ball and so on. With our headquarters located in the trade and communication hub of Shanghai, personnel in this office are responsible for conducting all sales, design and sample presentation processes.

20,000㎡ Plant Area

We have two sports ball factories in Jiangsu and Anhui Province. Focusing on developing unique high quality products, have more than 15 years experience for making all kinds of soccer/basketball/volleyball/tennis ball and so on,we guarantee to provide customers with reasonable prices and the best service. Manufacturing to meet buyers' needs, our team of designers specializes in bringing customer concepts into creation.

High-level Machining Ability

We have 500 skilled employees and professional designers, engaged in the manufacture of our products. We presently export to over 20 countries in Europe, America, Japan, southeast Asia, and the Middle East, and currently our monthly export volume amounts to over 5,000,000 pieces.

Strong Design Ability

Our team has experience in all fields relating to product design and development. If you have any needs for your new product or wish to make further improvements, we are here to offer our support.

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Americal Client

We are a partner of the Americal . We met the 2014 exhibition. They are really a reliable supplier. We purchase 4-5 HQ containers from Gravim every year. The delivery is very timely and the products are cost-effective. And we can always find products from Gravim to supply new customers. I look forward to see you again in China, thank you.

from Americal

USA Client

Look like is the product we was looking for ! We would need to do some technical test, but initially look like is the good one ! I'm happy with the service and shipment process ! Thank you !

USA Client

Canada Client

I think I am the oldest client of Gravim. My business is Sport products. I have known Gravim since 2008. He has rich experience in the production and manufacturing . During this years cooperation with Gravim, they have given me a huge support a The quality of their products is really good. I have hardly received any complaints from customers for so many years.

Canada Client

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